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Hello! First blog post and what's new!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Welcome! Welcome! It's me, Olivia, the lady behind Olive Bloom. I'm a DIY enthusiast, a lover of fibers, and all around attempter-learner-doer of any thing that might spark my interest. Most importantly though i'm an all around penny pincher and I save saving money and doing it myself when I can. Olive Bloom has been my creative outlet for the past couple of years. I've LOVED working at markets, meeting new people and most importantly advocating for my craft. But today I'm here to tell you about my next adventure with Olive Bloom.

This is one I live and breathe for. Having what you want when you the dollar bills aren't exactly flowing. It's everything DIY! In the past couple of months while i've stepped away from macrame I've gotten a ton of interest on my current DIY home projects. We purchased our first home in January and my passion for learning and creating have sky rocketed. I feel this is exactly the direction Olive Bloom was meant to go in. I love doing as much as possible with as little as possible. These are projects where you DON'T need tons of equipment - knowledge - a rich husband or tons of money. I'm talking DIY to its CORE! I'm really excited to start sharing more of what i've been doing and how you can do it as well!

To give you a more detailed picture of where i've come from and a better understanding of me, I'd like to share a bit about myself. Feel free to skip to the bottom if this isn't your thing! :)

For me, working with my hands has always been my jam and i'm sure it's the story of most DIYers and crafters. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design and a minor in Photography. I had quite the aspirations for a very naive 21 year old. The Big Apple was calling my name and so I followed its voice all the way to a drug dealing - rat visiting-tiny ass bedroom in West Harlem Manhattan baby!!!!! I couldn't have been happier - I was literally living my dream! I spent about two years there working for pennies and slowly realizing this is actually not my dream! I did however get a few incredible experiences working as an apprentice for Coach handbags, a freelance designer for J. Crew with a few other independent design jobs sprinkled in there.

When I moved back to my hometown in GA I landed a position at an up and coming local designers design house in Atlanta and learned the in's and outs of truly running a small business. Leading teams and making sure shit gets done. It was a rewarding experience but I found myself burnt out, a bit broke and looking for stability. I accepted an offer as a design assistant at Carter's (ya know that huge kids clothing brand!) While I was able to get back on track, save a little, have some stability, job security and health insurance for a bit - it literally sucked my soul right out. I loved my team and the company was amazing to work for but I felt like I wasn't allowing myself to express creatively the way I dreamed i'd be able to.

I've always been a side hustler so during this time I was slinging freelance jobs and getting back to working with my hands on more personal creative projects. I started photography again and was actually creating. Then quite suddenly I decided to quit my lovely job, move to D.C. with my now fiance and become an artist and a photographer.

This is what I needed! I needed this creative outlet and I needed to express myself through art with only myself as the boss. To this day I'm still working as a photographer - shooting lifestyle family sessions and weddings. I live in Utah with my fiance and my sweet kitty and I teach art at an elementary school. I love what i'm doing very much and hope I can continue this journey for many more years.

BUT back to the main story... crafting has its way of giving you everything you need and then nothing at all. I was on fire making macrame and then all of a sudden I wasn't. It's easy to fall into the social media black hole of comparison and never thinking you're going to be as good. Thinking too many people are doing this to even matter. BUT this is why I created Olive Bloom. It's an always evolving and continuously moving forward business. Do you know how many types of crafts there are? yeah me either and I want to learn as many as possible. Just because macrame isn't giving me life right now doesn't mean Olive Bloom is over. Oh no, and thats how I structured my name and business. I knew what the inevitable was going to be - I was going to get burnt out at some point and I never want to corner myself to just one thing. So why make walls? Instead I made a shelving unit to store and come back to anytime.

So now that you're caught up and you know the who, what, where, and now - I'm excited to move forward with you and share my projects!

This is going to be so fun to share all my how to's, actual real cost break downs and probably failures. You can't make magic every time, right? So if you don't have much but you want a lot - you've come to right place. We'll thrift, create, challenge, and workout everything together! So get ready - because we're about to DIY on a budget :)

Much love <3


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Olivia is an around home DIY guru that does it on the cheap! She lives in Utah with her husband and two cats. She loves a good thrift find, exploring the world through hikes, and baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

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